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  • Portable Design-This colored pencil case 120 is handy for everything and everywhere, perferct item when you travel with pencils, the handle strap can be removed.
  • Pencil Case with Compartments-Multi layers make it easy to organize pencils by color family, once you unzip it, you have access to ALL the pages and colors.
  • 127 Individual Slots-It has 127 different slots(124 pencil slots and 3 larger slots for eraser or sharpener), each pencil has its own place in this case. The elastic strap holds each pencil or pen securely and prevent them from falling out or being stepped on.
  • Perfect Holder for Various Pencils-Fits your Prismacolor pencils, Crayola pencils, Raffine Marco Pencils and blender pencils perfectly, could also apply to ordinary pencils.
  • Excellent Craftmanship-It is an extremely sturdy pencil holder. Soft PU leather gives a comfortable feel and will not attract dust and fur, strong zippers will withstand heavy use, you can own this for a long period, comes with a giftable and protective box, perfect gift for Christmas

120 Slot Pencil Case Pink

₱1,800.00 Regular Price
₱1,500.00Sale Price